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Responses to booking requests are currently on hold!
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Thanks for your interest in my work! If you’re looking to have a tattoo done by me, please fill out the form below in as much detail as possible so that I understand your needs and ideas. 


First, though, please read through my policies and procedures and familiarize yourself with my tattoo method. This helps me do my job properly and is hugely appreciated! And please make sure you are familiar with my work before making your request. I highly encourage taking the time to shop around for a tattoo artist whose body of work lines up with your ideas!



If I cannot accommodate your request for any reason, I will be in touch! This might be due to scheduling constraints, a lack of suitability of my tattoo style or method to your preferred design, or otherwise. 


I will not accommodate requests for any of the following:

  • imagery from a culture that is not my own or culturally appropriative imagery, ‘traditional’ style or ‘tribal’ tattoos

  • another artist’s work (except in special circumstances where permission from the artist is given)

  • designs I have already tattooed on another person

  • religious symbols, sacred geometry, mandalas

  • hate symbols of any kind

  • human figures, facial features, hands, etc.

  • tattoos placed on ribs, hands, or feet (except under special circumstances)

* The information provided in this form will remain entirely private and will only be used for the purpose of booking a tattoo appointment.

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A little bit about you...

The name I should call you - does not need to match the name on your government issued ID.

I take a $60 deposit to reserve your appointment slot and tattoo design. This deposit is non-refundable except under special circumstances or in cases of last minute Covid-19 related cancellations. Are you able to pay this online using a credit card?
If no, please select an alternative:

I work in a space that can only be accessed by climbing a set of stairs (you can read more about accessibility here). Will access to my studio be a barrier for you?

*If you marked ‘yes’, I’ll be in touch to discuss potential solutions!

You will be required to adhere to my Covid-19 safety protocols at all times when in the studio, which you can view here. Do you understand and agree to these protocols?

Your tattoo!

Is this your first tattoo?
Is this your first handpoked tattoo?

NOT including sewing-needle-in-your-friend’s-basement or pen-in-art-class style stick-and-poke tattoos! This is not the same thing and will be a much more pleasant and safe process :)

Do you require a free consult before booking your appointment? I’m usually able to do all of the necessary planning for a tattoo design over email, but I offer in person consults for anyone who would like to meet me first or discuss their ideas in person. This does not require a deposit.
Do you require a free patch test before your appointment? A patch test is a small tattooed dot to test your skin's reaction to a tattoo ink and its appearance on the skin. I do not use coloured ink but can test a variety of black inks that I have available in the studio. A free consult is included with this. This does not require a deposit.

I recommend a patch test if your skin is prone to scarring or allergic reactions, or if you are concerned about how tattoo ink will appear on your skin tone.

Are you looking for a flash or custom design? You can view my available flash pieces on my instagram story highlight.

Flash designs cannot be claimed and custom designs will not be drawn until I have received your deposit.

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Pricing and Payment

I offer payment plans if you prefer to pay the cost of your tattoo in multiple installments, or you can pay your full total at the end of your appointment (not including your deposit). What’s your preference?


Almost done!

Thanks for submitting! You'll receive an auto-reply with more information on next steps, and then I will contact you back soon! :)